Assassin’s Creed Unity is just as visually appealing as Black Flag. Stunning graphics are the norm now when it comes to Assassin Creed games. The open world is GIGANTIC! And with so many places to go and things to see, a player could get lost for hours just exploring the world.


There have been mixed reviews about this game since the release. I’m leaning toward more a disappointment than a success. The new climbing and parkour systems were amazing for the few times that the worked correctly. Just like every Assassin’s Creed game, Unity was no different. Your Assassin would jump the wrong way or exit a hiding spot instead of assassinating a guard, causing a huge and unnecessary fight.


Unity’s story just did not compare to the depth that Black Flag brought to us last year. Arno just flat out sucks compared to previous Assassin’s such as Ezio and Edward Kenway. I naturally had a bond for these two Assassins. Frankly, I had no interest in Arno or the problems he was facing.


The missions in this game, however, were extremely satisfying. It seemed to me they were more difficult than some of the other Assassin Creed games. In Unity, you actually had to plan out your assassinations and how you would infiltrate a building. Also, the enemies were sometimes difficult to defeat. I found myself dying a lot more often than other games in the series. I’m okay with this because it wasn’t just me pressing one button to get an instant kill while in combat. Another positive from this game is character customization. There are so many choices and combination to improve Arno’s overall abilities it can be overwhelming, but in a good way.


Co-op side missions were a pleasant surprise for this game. Players could join random missions and play two-player heist missions. This was fun in that a lot of communication and strategy went into achieve each mission’s goal. Things can get crazy when you are in the 4-player missions. I won’t spoil any details for you, but let’s just say if one player dies, the whole mission is a failure. Rewards are based on your individual performance, so you can choose to be selfish to get more rewards and work with the team to complete the mission! Makes for interesting conversations between players!


I play Assassin Creed games for three main reasons: the story, the open world, and the stealth assassinations. And this game successfully achieved one and a half of those. The open world blew me away. Absolutely stunning. Combat was satisfying but can get buggy at times, which caused a couple rage incidents (nothing was broken, thankfully). And the story was just a failure. My expectations were that this game all around would blow Black Flag out of the water but it lacked in almost every department.



+ France is beautiful

+Character Customization

+ Co-op Missions



– Lack of Story

– No connection with Arno

– Still the same old Assassin Creed bugs




– ThatCollegeGamer