Author: Zach

Twitch Account: @thtcollegegamer

Hey Guys! Welcome to the ThatCollegeGamer Blog Рhappy to have you here! I stream a variety of games numerous times a week. Join the #TCGKrewe Community today and create bonds with fellow gamers across the world! FOLLOW ME -> <- FOLLOW ME Twitch Affiliate since April 26th,...

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Overwatch: Opening 10 Loot Boxes

Hey everyone! Welcome to my first ever Overwatch Loot Box opening video! Opening Loot Boxes in Overwatch is very exciting and one of the reasons many players continue to return to the game. We are drawn into the mystery of what is inside each box. I will be posting these kinds of videos every now and then moving forward – enjoy the suspense with me! What will I get in these 10 Loot Boxes!?  ...

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VLOG #3 – Don’t Spoil Breath of the Wild!

There is nothing that bothers me more than when SPOIL games before they are released. I am extra sensitive when people go out of their way to spoil Legend of Zelda games. VLOG #3 shares my views on spoilers, focused around the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild! Let us know in the comments your thoughts on...

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VLOG #2 – Nintendo Switch HATERS

VLOG #2 is here! Back at it again this week with some more Nintendo Switch action. In this week’s episode, I address the main complaints that people have towards the Switch and provide insight as to why they are incorrect on these topics. Let me know your thoughts on the Nintendo Switch in the comments section!...

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