Today we are going to teach you how to raid with barbarians and archers in Clash of Clans. If you don’t know what Clash of clans is, here is our short review of the game. We highly recommend the game, it is tons of fun on the go. Some people will call the call a barbarian and archer attack a Barch attack or a barb and arch attack. This attack is my personal favorite attack to use when looting/farming because it is the cheapest and fastest way to loot for resources. I see some of my clan mates loot with giants or with the LavaLoon attack, but those are either too expensive for my preference, or the armies take to long to cook up. For the Barch army, it cost me 200 elixir per barb and 400 elixir per arch. The cost of my army comes out to 120 Level 6 Barbs x 200 Elixir + 100 Level 6 Arch x 400 Elixir, which totals 64,000 elixir. Some of you may be saying that seems like a lot of elixir for one army to loot, but with this looting strategy, you can easily make over 200k elixir per raid if you execute it correctly.

The first, and most important step, when using this looting strategy is to find a base that has its collectors full and has the collectors easily attackable. I say this because most people don’t spend enough time “nexting” bases for the prime target. I bet I average at least 20-30 bases before I find one that I think is worth raiding. Some people will also try to attack a base that has all its loot in the center, which won’t work because the barbs and arch won’t make it to the center. There is a video below that demonstrates a prime base for this attack. When you are scouting for bases, you need to make sure the collectors are where the loot is actually located. It can be very easy to see a collector that looks full, but it is actually just a low level collector that fills up easily. The last type of base that is prime for the arch farming technique is the rushed base. A rushed base is a base that has been built to quickly and is very easy to raid. There are a number of these out there, but your best bet is to find a base that has full collectors that are easy to get to.

The second step to the Barch attack is the unit placement. To execute this attack properly, you must drop the barbs first and then the archers. This is important because the barbs will work as a tank for the archers, while the archers take out the collectors. Another thing you have to remember is to spread the archers out a little bit so that a wizard tower or motor doesn’t take them all out at once. The goal of unit placement is to use as few units as possible, while still getting all the loot from the collectors.

The last step to this attack is the clean up. After you have dropped most of your troops you will most likely realize that they missed one, or there was a trap that whipped out your troops. If that happens, you can drop your clan castle troops to clean up the remaining collectors, or you can drop your heroes. I like to save the heroes and clan castle troops because I don’t want to use them unless it is necessary.

I hope this helps some of you farm for loot more effectively! Happy Clashing and good luck. Don’t forget to follow us and check out our Youtube page for more Clash of Clans videos!