During the past few wars my clan has been in, I have seen the TH9 4 Corners base used by our opponents a few times. I personally am not a fan of the base since it is easy to 3 star, but for whatever reason, some people still use it. In this article, I will tell you how I 3 star the TH9 4 Corners base.  My army composition was 3 Golems, 11 Wizards, 6 Witches, 1 Healer, 8 Earthquake Spells, 1 Poison, 1 Golem in my Clan Castle, Archer Queen and Barbarian King. I chose the GoWiWi attack strategy because there were so many building outside the walls that would be easily destroyed by tons of witch skeletons. I brought 8 earthquake spells to open a hole on each side of the base so it would allow my golem and Heroes to walk straight through while taking out the few building that were inside the walls. I brought along the healer to keep by Archer Queen’s health high, but I ended up not needing it for the Queen and the healer instead decided to heal the max golem, which worked just as well. The video below shows that this base stands no chance against a GoWiWi attack if the earthquake spells are deployed properly. The only way this would not work is if you totally messed up the spells. The goal with the earthquakes is to destroy 3 layers of walls to get to the core as fast as possible. Watch the video below to see exactly how to do this! If you have any questions, make sure to comment below!