In this article we will show you a strategy that may be helpful for those Town Hall 9s with the Barbarian King upgrading during war. This strategy is the LavaLoon Zapquake. This strategy works on bases that have an air defense and the enemy Archer Queen in the same section of the base that is easily accessible by the kill squad. It also helps to have the enemy Xbows set to ground only. The army comp for this attack is 3 Lava Hounds, 18 Balloons, 4 Wall Breakers, 8 Wizards, my Archer Queen, and a max Golem in my clan castle. I also had 4 Lightning spells and 2 Earthquake spells for the Zapquake.

It is important to Zapquake 2 of the air defenses before you start the attack. To Zapquake an air defense drop 2 lightning spells on an air defense and then an earthquake spell. This will destroy the air defense. Once you have destroyed 2 air defenses, deploy the kill squad to the section that contains the Archer Queen and an air defense. Don’t forget to make sure that you have pulled the enemy clan castle out so the kill squad can kill them too. Once the kill squad has taken out the enemy CC, Archer Queen, and the air defense in that section, deploy your 3 Lava Hounds from different directions to let them soak up the air traps from the base. Once the Hounds have been deployed, start sending pairs of balloons in to take out defenses that are locked on to the Hounds. Make sure you deploy enough balloons close to the last air defense to kill it as quick as possible. Once all the balloons have been deployed, the Hounds should start to pop and create pups, which will be your clean up and 3 Star crew. This attack works better that GoHo or GoHoWiWi without the BK since it takes a number of defenses out of the equation. The video below shows how it is done.