Today we are going to teach you how to raid with balloons, minions, and rage spells in Clash of Clans. Some people will call the call a balloon, minion, and rage spell attack a Loonion attack. This attack is my personal favorite attack to use when looting/farming dark elixir because it is one of the easiest attacks to use to level a base as long as you pick your targets correctly. Like most attacks in Clash of Clans, target selection is the most important part of a raid. Bad target selection sets you up for failure, which waste resources. The only essential part of this attack is max balloons. If you don’t have max level balloons I wouldn’t recommend this attack because all the other balloons seem to be to weak. In the videos below, you will see I am using level 2 minions. They are just for clean up anyways.

The ideal base for the Loonion attack is a TH8 or a TH9 with low level air defenses and the xbows aimed at ground troops. A low level air defense is any air defense level 6 or lower. If you try to take on a base with level 7 air defense, the air defense will tear your balloons to pieces. Also, avoid inferno towers like the plague. They will DESTROY your balloons faster than you can figure out what hit them. I’d also recommend avoiding bases with their xbows set to air and ground as they seem to tear through balloons as well. I recommend TH8 bases because there are only 3 air defenses total, which is usually very easy to over power with the balloons and rage spells.

My army composition usually consists of 32 max balloons, 30 minions, and 4 rage spells. I also have my clan castle, which is usually filled with balloons, minions, or a dragon, and my heroes. The minions and heroes are used to clean up behind the balloons after the balloons have destroyed the defenses. Any defense that the balloons couldn’t kill are usually cleaned up by my Archer Queen. The attack is executed by dropping all of your balloons in an area that won’t put them is direct line with the air sweepers. The air sweepers will cause your balloons to stall and get destroyed by the defenses. Once the balloons have been dropped, drop a rage spell or two to help the balloons get to the air defenses as needed. once the balloons have created some space behind them, drop the minions to begin cleaning the base up and taking the storages. I save my heroes until I know the balloons can get all the air defenses. If the balloons get all the air defenses, I drop my heroes in an area that they can begin cleaning up, but if there is an air defense left after the balloons are done, I drop my heroes as close to the air defense as I can so they can take it out before the air defense takes out my minions.

Below are two videos with examples on how to execute this attack. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends!