The Town Hall 8 DragLoon strategy is one of the oldest and easiest 3 star techniques for Town Hall 8s if it is executed correctly. The army composition for this attack is 10 Dragons (level 3), 5 Balloons in the Clan Castle (level 6), the Barbarian King, 3 Lightning spells (level 5), 1 poison, and 1 haste in the clan castle. One of the keys to this attack is to avoid the air sweeper and to take out the air defense that is either guarded by the air sweeper or deepest in the base. At TH 8, there is always one air defense that will be more difficult to destroy than the rest. When you are scouting a base for a DragLoon attack, the first thing you need to locate is the air sweeper. Once the air sweeper has been located, you then need to locate all three air defenses and determine which one is the most protected by the air sweeper or will be the most difficult to destroy. When you execute this attack, you always want to try to come from behind the air sweeper because the air sweeper can ruin a DragLoon attack very quickly. Once you have determined what side of the base you will come from, make sure you spread the dragons out enough so that they don’t end up going around the base. I like to put one dragon on each edge of the base so they create a funnel for the rest of the dragons to work towards the center of the base. Once the dragons have been deployed, I drop three lightning spells on the most difficult air defense to destroy and let the dragons take out a few building before dropping the balloons behind them. You want to drop the balloons behind the dragons, but as close to an air defense as you can. The balloons will target the air defenses faster than the dragons, so you want to use the haste spell to help the balloons get to the air defense as fast as possible. Once all three air defenses are destroyed, the dragons should roll right over the base for an easy 3 stars. The Barbarian King is used for taking out buildings in the corners, and for taking out buildings around the edges to help keep the dragons from straying from the center.