Today we are going to take a look at the popular Town Hall 9 attack strategy GoHo. GoHo attacks work well because they allow you to take out the Archer Queen and and Clan Castle troops before you unleash the Hog Riders on the base to take out all the defenses. The army composition I like to use for GoHo 1 Golem (level 4), 30 Hog Riders (level 5), 8 Wizards (level 5), 4 Wall Breakers (level 5), 4 Heal Spells (level 6), 1 Poison spell (level 3), 1 Golem (level 5) and 1 Poison spell (level 4) in my Clan Castle, Archer Queen and Barbarian King. I start the attack by dropping one Hog in an area that can draw the Clan Castle troops out. Then I drop both poison spells on the clan castle troops so I don’t have to deal with them during my attack. I have level 3 poison and usually have a max poison donated to me, so that allows me to kill almost any troop in the clan castle without using troops. Next, I drop my two golems in an area that is closest to the Archer Queen. After the golems are dropped, I drop 5-6 wizards to create a funnel for the Barbarian King and Archer Queen so they can get the enemy archer queen. Then I drop the 4 wall breakers to punch a hole in the wall to get to the queen. Once, there is a hole for the Barbarian King, he will lock onto the queen and should take her out relatively quickly. You may have to use his Rage ability to take out the Queen. Once the Queen is dead, you can begin your hog attack. Start the hogs in an area that is clear of double bombs. Double bombs will ruin a hog attack, and is really the only thing that can stop hogs besides the hogs getting split up. Once the hogs start, use your heal spells near wizard towers and areas where bombs could be. If you can keep the majority of the hogs alive, most bases are very easy to 3 star. Once the hogs have cleared a portion of the base, drop the remaining wizards on the back side to begin cleanup. Once the hogs are done destroying the defenses, they will begin cleaning up the remain building that the Archer Queen and wizards haven’t destroyed yet. There is a video below for you to see the attack in action. Happy clashing!

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