As a Town Hall 9, I am always trying to find new and cheaper ways to farm Dark Elixir because at this point, it is really the only resource that I need. I have tried the Loonion TH9 strategy with a lot of success, but decided that I may be able to find a cheaper army comp to get DE. After experimenting with a few different army comps. I settled on the GiWiHeValk army. This army consists of Giants, Wizards, Healers, Valkyries, Wall Breakers, and my Heroes. The exact army comp I use is 20 Giants, 16 Wizards, 2 Healers, 2 Valkyries, 6 Wall Breakers, My Heroes, 4 Heal Spells, and a Poison Spell. When using this DE farming strategy it is very important to avoid Inferno Towers. Inferno Towers will wreck your giants faster than you know what hit them. Try to stick to TH9s that have at least 2k de to loot. I also recommend being in at least the Crystal League or higher so you can earn a DE bonus for each successful attack you have. As far as deploying these troops, I like to drop all my giants in an area that has the easiest path to the DE. After the Giants, I drop the wizards behind them and the wall breakers to punch a hole for the giants. Once a funnel into the base has been created, I drop my heroes and valks so they can get into the base and start destroying things while the giants tank. After that I drop the healers and the heal spells on the giants as needed. The healers usually heal the giants or the Archer Queen, which is nice because it kind of works as a poor man’s Super Queen. The valks are nice to have in this attack strategy because they have high HP, which lets them double as a tank for the heroes, and they do some nice damage when buildings are clumped together.