Recently, the TacomaWorld Clan earned its 80th war win! The final score was 37-34 in a 15v15 war. TacomaWorld had a total destruction of 88.20% compared to the enemy clan’s 85.60%. As the leader of the TacomaWorld clan, it was awesome to see my clan 3 star 10 out of the 15 bases. It as also awesome to see my level 7 clan beat a level 8 clan! The 3 best attacks from this war were a GoHoWiWi (Golems, Hogs, Wizards, Witches) 3 star attack on their #3, a GoHo (Golem, Hogs) 3 Star attack on their #4, and another GoHoWiWi 3 Star attack on their #5. There were a number of other awesome 3 Star attacks that included 3 DragLoon 3 Star attacks, and a 3 Star GoWiPe attack. Below is a video recap of the 3 best attacks from the war. As stated above, they are GoHo and GoHoWiWi attacks. Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment below!