The Dark Pit amiibo is set to release on July 31st.  It has been officially confirmed that this WILL BE another Best Buy Exclusive amiibo.  Also, no pre-orders are being taken for this amiibo….NO PRE-ORDERS!  This is insane.  Here’s my take on it.

I am not sure why or how Best Buy and other retailers for that matter are getting the “Exclusive” rights to these figures.  There has to be some under the table deal going on because this is crazy.  And no pre-orders?  This tells me one of two things:  1) Nintendo cannot keep up with demand and doesn’t want to make Best Buy cancel pre-orders again or 2) Nintendo is milking this whole amiibo craze and basically scamming the consumer by creating fake buzz that around products they refuse to produce in efficient quantities.  I must applaud them for their brilliant marketing of these products though, who would’ve thought these things would be so popular?

For those who are interested: Palutena will be released on the same day as Dark Pit.  No word on this being an exclusive anywhere.

Happy Dark Pit Hunting Everyone!