I’d like to introduce our inaugural Featured Follower here on ThatCollegeGamer.com!  Thank you so much for your support!

Name: Joshua (Instagram: @jirachi3x)

We asked him a couple of questions to get to know him a little bit better.

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

– “I’m 15 years old.  I want to be a designer/animator when I get older.  I like to play PS3, PS Vita, 3Ds, and Wii U games.  I like to watch anime and play basketball.  I listen to metal and game music.”

2) What is your favorite system?

– “I don’t really have a favorite game system.  They each have games that I really like so I can’t pick a favorite.”

3) What is your favorite game of all time and why?

– “My favorite game would have to be Kid Icarus: Uprising (3Ds).  The game was so much fun.  I loved the visual style.  I like how it was based on Greek Mythology.  I loved the characters, they were hilarious!  The gameplay was also really fun.  I also believe this game had the best soundtrack for any video game.”

4) What is your favorite Game Series and why?

– “My favorite game series is probably the “Tales of” series.  The games all have great stories and awesome combat systems.  They never get old and they keep making more.  I also really love Pokémon and its many spinoffs.  Especially the Mystery Dungeon games.”

5) What game are you most looking forward to?

– “It is hard to pick just one game that I am looking forward to.  I’m really looking forward to the new Fire Emblem.  I’m also looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles X, Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and the new Legend of Zelda game.

6) Who is your favorite Super Smash Bros character to use in the Wii U version?

– “My mains are Pit, Dark Pit, Lucario, and Greninja.  I actually can use all 30 characters effectively.  I also really like Lucina, Falco, Ike, and Meta Knight.”

Thanks again, Joshua!

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