I’d like to introduce our second Featured Follower here on ThatCollegeGamer.com! Thank you so much for your support!

Instagram Name: @nintendo_anonymous

Below is our interview!

1) Tell us a little about yourself.

– “I’m 22 years old from Missouri.  I’ve been collecting games for 2 years.”

2) What is your favorite gaming system? Why?

– “SNES because it was the first system me and my brother ever owned.”

3) What is your favorite game series of all time and why?

– “My favorite game series would have to be Pokémon.  It’s the first game that actually had me sitting down for hours thinking about what I should do next.  It’s the series that introduced me to RPG’s.”


4) Who is your favorite Pokémon?

– “Charizard, Giratina, Shaymin, Absol, and Totodile.”

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