Halo. Arguably one of the best franchises is gaming history. When people of the current college generation think of their middle and high school days, they think of coming home from school and playing hours on end in Halo 3 Matchmaking. Halo 3, being the greatest Halo game of all time (I don’t care what you think it simply is), left some big shoes to be filled when 343 Industries took over the franchise.

When Halo: Master Chief Collection (“MCC” for the purpose of this article) was announced there was immediately a ridiculous amount of hype just based on the fact that Halo was coming to a next gen console. 1080p and 60fps were just a few of the things people were excited about. Also, they were advertising over 100 multiplayer maps! This was a Halo fanatics DREAM! Now, before I start bashing this game for being a complete failure let me tell you what was great about MCC.

The campaigns were awesome. Being able to play all of the campaigns in one place was extremely convenient, especially when friends were over. Flipping between the old and new graphics was entertaining for all of about an hour but still a cool feature. The Remastered Halo 2 Campaign and Cut Scenes were STUNNING! I played the Halo 2 campaign numerous times because it was that beautiful.

You’re probably wondering how this game could have possibly been a failure. I only need one word to answer that question. Matchmaking.

Honestly 343, what a joke. Did you even attempt to make matchmaking a success in any way? It took over two months to get into a game where it wouldn’t lag out before it started. And I still consistently can’t find players and lag out randomly. Ridiculous. I would sit there for over 30 minutes in between games, searching for new ones in hopes to play Halo 3 online. Complete waste of my time. Also, no Halo 3 Ranked Playlist? In reality, everyone bought MCC TO PLAY HALO 3 MATCHMAKING! This should have been a number one priority. Lastly, absolutely ZERO modifications were made to Halo 1 Matchmaking. They could have made it 60fps and 1080p but nope. Not 343.

I could go on for days about what’s wrong with the release and playability of MCC but it would just be a waste of everyone’s time.

However, I will give you some credit, 343. The servers are coming along better. But the fact that it took you well over FIVE months to get to this point is a shame. Get your shit together 343. If this is any sign for what’s to come with Halo 5, you’re going to be in big trouble.

+ Remastered Campaigns are STUNNING
+ A Halo Fan’s DREAM

– Matchmaking
– Lack of care for the consumer on 343’s part