Recently, I decided to change my base to a troll base for my own amusement and to see if I could gain a few trophies to get into the Crystal League quickly. Little did I know that this base would propel me all the way into the Master II League in just one day. I found this base online and made a few minor adjustments to it and then just waited for people to attack. I made this base on a Friday afternoon while I was in Gold I and was having a tough time getting people to attack, but once I went to bed Friday night, the night shift must have got on and thought they could destroy this base because when I woke up, I was in Crystal II. I was kind of shocked at how many people had tried to attack this base and fell flat on their face. There were some attacks that I would guess were people dropping trophies, or they dropped a few units into the kill box and realized they stood no chance so they cut their losses, but others chose to send full armies. Below, there is a video that shows some of the replays from people’s attacks on the troll base. Enjoy.

This base worked so well because there was a kill box that was surrounded by all my wizard towers, xbox, mortars, teslas, Heroes, and air defenses. I also had a few traps that were in the same area, along with two archer towers that were within range of this small box that the attacker could place troops right next to my Town Hall. I think a number of people thought they could drop enough units and just power through to the Town Hall, but all of my defenses are maxed out for Town Hall except for my xbows, air sweepers, and a few cannons. Basically, there was really no hope if someone tried to attack in the kill box because of the massive splash damage their units would endure in the box. Once, I got to Crystal II, I figured I might as well see if I could get to Master III since I hadn’t got that achievement yet and I was having such a good time watching people fail hard. I think this base was so enticing to people because they were greedy and didn’t take the time to realize that it was a massive trap.

Below I have attacked screenshots from my defense log and attack log to show you how many people I attacked and how many people attacked me. There is also a video showing some of the replays as I mentioned above. Enjoy, and don’t forget to share with your friends!