When you first start playing Pokémon GO, you are bombarded with Pidgey’s, Rattata’s and Zubat’s twenty-four seven. Sometimes it feels like those are the only three Pokémon in the game! When this started to happen to me and I got frustrated because I thought the game was getting way too boring, I thought to myself “How can I catch BETTER Pokémon, if ever?” I have found out the answer to this question!


There are 4 main ways to find better Pokémon in the game. Let’s explore each option.

  1. LEVELING UP: Every time you level up in the game it gives you a better chance for rare and higher level Pokémon to spawn around you. The game is not going to spawn a Lapras in the wild if you are a low level because you will not be able to physically catch it without it running away. As your level increases, the game is forced to spawn higher level Pokémon around you because it knows that you are a serious Pokémon Trainer and you do not have time to mess around with level 10 Pidgey’s all day. This is not to say you will not see a Pidgey anymore, but that you will see tons of other Pokémon more frequently. As long as you keep leveling up your character, the rarity of the Pokémon you encounter will go up.


  2. INCENSE: Using an incense attracts wild Pokémon to your location. This will increase the amount of Pokémon you will encounter in that 30-minute window. The higher level your character is, the better the Pokémon that are attracted to your area will be.
  3. LURE MODULE: The Lure Module plays off of the previous two points but it is worth pointing out. Visit a PokeStop with a few friends and have someone drop a Lure Module. Combine this with and incense and a high trainer level and you will have an amazing 30-minutes at that PokeStop.
  4. HATCHING EGGS: This method allows lower level players to encounter rare Pokémon early on in the game. The more kilometers it takes to hatch the egg, the more rare the Pokémon is inside the egg.


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At the end of the day, it all comes down to your Trainer Level! Make sure to share this with your friends!