After years of die hard fans, like myself, begging Nintendo to remake The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, it has finally been remade, for the 3DS! It came as a pleasant surprise. Nintendo announced the game during the November 2014 Nintendo Direct along with the New Nintendo 3DS System. Enough of the background, let’s dive into the review!

For those of you who don’t know, this is not your traditional Legend of Zelda formula game. Meaning, you don’t start as a child then grow up as the game goes on and so on. This game is centered on a 72-hour clock in which is a count down to the end of the world. The game time does not physically take 72 real hours to strike zero; that would defeat the purpose of the game and strategy behind the game. Minutes go by quicker than normal, but Link has the ability (using his ocarina) to rewind, slow down, and speed up time, the strategy one must use to complete the game 100% can be quite confusing (And time consuming). Once you get the hang of the time travel aspect, this game is one of the best in the series!

As the title suggests, one of the biggest aspects of this game is to collect Masks! Here are a few examples of what abilities they can give you: Deku Mask: Transforms you into Deku Scrub, Zora Mask: Transforms you into a Zora, and the Goron Mask: Transforms you into Goron Link! I won’t give any more spoilers regarding masks, but those are a few of the most useful!

When it comes to the 3D in this game I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Most 3DS games are honestly terrible when it comes the 3D, leading most people to turn it off almost instantly. This game is different, however. You can see more depth in the environment. Although this is a remake, it changes the world so much that at some points in the game you almost feel like you’ve never experienced the world (Although most of us have back in the day).

This game is a MUST BUY for anyone with a 3DS! I would argue that if you don’t have a 3DS yet, buy the New 3DS and make this game one of your first purchases! For most of us, this is an amazing opportunity to revisit our childhood memories and explore a long lost Legend of Zelda World that was certainly not forgotten. For the crowd that has never play a Legend of Zelda game before, buy Ocarina of Time, beat that, and then buy Majora’s Mask. Just trust me.

+ Collecting Masks
+ Absolutely Stunning Visuals
+ Revisit Your Childhood

– Took Them Way Too Long To Remake

5 STARS!!!

– ThatCollegeGamer