The most anticipated press conference of this year’s E3 was without a doubt, Nintendo’s presentation. They announced they would release the official trailer for the upcoming Legend of Zelda game as well as show gameplay throughout the day! First of all, I want to say the game looks absolutely INCREDIBLE! Let’s take a closer look at the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Right when the trailer began, I was completely blown away by the graphics. I would say they mostly resemble the graphics seen in Skyward Sword, although much different in so many ways. From the trailer, it seemed as if everything moved seamlessly whether Link was flying or changing terrains. I was really impressed with this aspect because in some of the previous games you would go to a cut scene or something like that when Link was changing terrains. The terrains shown in the trailer are mountains, plain, deserts and seas. It also depicted climate changes for the first time. We can expect this to affect the story and Link throughout his quest.


The next thing I found interesting and exciting about the trailer is that the environment is truly an open-world setting. You can literally go anywhere in the world that your heart desires. In the trailer, they have a scene where the camera pans out and shows us the true beauty and size of the world. It looks absolutely massive. A couple things that are new to the series are the ability to run, climb, jump and cut down trees. All of these things are foreign territory for the franchise but seem like a very useful parallel to add to the series. Link is also able to pick up objects such as twigs and light them on fire to use to wipe out a patch of grass.


The trailer concludes by zooming in towards the Master Sword.


So, what do you guys think about the new Legend of Zelda Trailer!?