Mario Kart is one of my favorite series of all time. This game was actually the reason why I decided to purchase to Wii U. 1080p Mario Kart, I mean how could I not? Everything from the graphics to course design are perfect. Usually within every Mario Kart game there is at least one course that is terrible, but not this go around!


The challenging scale in this game is makes it perfect for ALL ages! For beginners and younger kids, take on the 50cc Grand Prix! You’ll find it challenging at first but once you get a handle on things you’ll be playing with the big boys in 150cc and the NEW 200cc!


I only have one complaint about this game. And it has to do with the Battle Mode. For some reason they thought it would be a good idea to just slap you and your friends on the same courses you race on as the battling arena. Why Nintendo? What were you thinking? Gives us small maps so there can be mayhem!


Overall this game is arguably perfect. The biggest change to this game is the addition of the anti-gravity kart aspect of this game, which is an awesome new touch that brings in a fresh look at an old style game. The Grand Prix Mode stays true to its roots. They even have an updated Rainbow Road Course! It’s also great to see some of the old courses from previous games remastered for this one. There is also a very wide selection of unlockables for this game! Everything from Characters to Karts to Wheels are unlockable!


And lastly MarioKartTV is a unique and very fun part of this game. You can rewatch your best races and upload them to YouTube to show your friends. Also, the editing system for this feature is very intuitive. Rewatching my characters race in slow motion and obscure angles is one of the most satisfying parts of MarioKartTV. Great addition!


This game is perfect. If you are contemplating the purchase of a Wii U, buy one just for this game. I think this is the best Mario Kart game ever made and definitely worth splurging on a new system for.



+ HD Mario Kart Action

+ Anti-Gravity

+ 200cc Mode

+ MarioKartTV



– Battle Mode is a total letdown

– Too many “Baby” Characters


– ThatCollegeGamer