IT’S REAL! Pokémon GO is REAL! Pokémon GO was officially launched in the United States just hours ago and I was able to get some solid gameplay on it already. I was very excited that I could finally start my own game after seeing everyone on Twitter playing it in other parts of the world. Check out my character!


The game starts off with Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle right around you to catch. I first started with choosing to catch Bulbasaur because I thought I would be able to catch Squirtle and Charmander directly after but they disappeared! It was such a let down. Oh well, hopefully I can find them in the wild soon enough. I walked around my local area for about 30 minutes and I was able to catch numerous types of Pokémon. I caught a few duplicates throughout my session, which I hope does not become a common theme in gameplay. Here is what I have caught so far:

  • Bulbasaur
  • Spearow
  • Rattata (3)
  • Pidgey (4)
  • Weedle
  • Ekans
  • Caterpie

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Not a bad pull for my first day but hopefully when I am in the city tomorrow I will find lots of different Pokémon! I am very excited for the potential of this game. There is no double in my mind that I will become a Pokémon Master!