Nintendo is notorious for pulling something out of the blue at E3 for the last several years.  As usual, they made this year extremely pleasant and enjoyable to watch their online presentation.  Let’s get to the announcements.

Star Fox Zero for Wii U was anticipated to be officially announced with gameplay at this years E3, and it turned out to be the featured title for Nintendo this year.  Yes, StarFox was the biggest news coming from Nintendo.  They showcased the gameplay in the Nintendo Treehouse and it looked fantastic on the Wii U.

One pleasant surprise title announced was the Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes for the 3DS.  Although this was very nice to see a new Zelda 3DS coming this is no where near the Zelda U feature we were all looking for.  I guess most of us thought Nintendo was joking when they said they would not show Zelda U at E3 2015.  Maybe we should start taking them more serious.  I personally was hoping for another Legend of Zelda Remake but that was wishful thinking.

The biggest let down of the 2015 Nintendo E3 was Animal Crossing.  They gave Animal Crossing Home Designer a release date and showed a nice gameplay video but again, not what we were looking forward to.  Then out of no where, they start play what looks to be footage of an Animal Crossing Wii U version!  I about jumped out of my chair with excitement!  Everything quickly went downhill when I realized that it was not an HD Animal Crossing but an Animal Crossing Party game (Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival), much like Mario Party.  And of course they released an amiibo series along with the game.  This is honestly the biggest joke I have ever seen.  Nintendo threw this game together when amiibo sales exponentially exceeded expectations.  This is a huge disappointment.  Watch the trailer for yourself.

Other announcements were Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam for 3DS, which is a mixture of RPG Mario and Paper Mario.  Mario Tennis Ultra Smash was also showcased for the Wii U.  A somewhat exciting announcement but still let down.  Super Mario Maker and Yoshi’s Wooly World received tons of attention during the presentation.  Nintendo also announced a 30th Anniversary 8-bit Mario amiibo to go along with Super Mario Maker.

Topics we wish were covered: Animal Crossing U, Zelda U, New Pokemon Game, and news of their new console, the Nintendo NX.

With no big announcement and everyone’s hopes let down, this was a complete disaster.  Hopefully Nintendo will get back on their feet soon because right now people are very unhappy.

– ThatCollegeGamer