Eevee is one of the most popular Pokémon in the Original Series because the player has the ability to pick how it evolves through the use of Stones. As far as we can tell, Pokémon GO has not adopted this form of evolution yet. There has been a rumor circulated that a player can, indeed, influence the way in which an Eevee will evolve.

This is what it states:

  • If your Eevee knows Dig it will evolve into Flareon
  • If your Eevee knows Bodyslam it will evolve into Jolteon
  • If you Eevee knows Swift it will evolve into Vaporeon


This rumor if completely FALSE! I have PROOF! My friends and I have tried this method over and over again over the past couple of days and very few times does it even come out like the rumor. My first Eevee knew Swift and it evolved into Flareon. My second Eevee knew Bodyslam and it evolved into Vaporeon. Lastly my friend’s Eevee knew Dig and he got a Jolteon. The examples are endless.



The Eevee Evolution Rumor has officially been DEBUNKED! Best of luck to you all getting your favorite Eevee evolution!