Overall, Pokémon GO has been a very positive addition to the lives of fans around the globe. It has help people relive their childhood, unite on teams as well as going outside the house to exercise without even thinking twice about it.


That being said, there has been numerous cases where people have taken advantage of people playing Pokémon GO or people putting their own lives in danger to catch a Pikachu. We wanted to share some tips with fellow gamers to help them understand that at the end of the day this is just an app, and you should always be mindful of the world around you. Please read and share our Safety Tips below!


1) Do not Walk Around Alone Looking for Pokémon

Always travel around with a group of friends. Being in a larger number allows a better sense of safety than being alone.

2) Do not Search for Pokémon after 10:00PM

Look, we understand that you want to catch that Machop that appears in the “Nearby” section of your screen or get the last 2km of your 10km but that can wait until the morning. The fact of the matter is, nothing good happens late at night. There is no reason to be outside, glued to your phone, this late at night. You should not risk your safety for something that can be accomplished at 7:00am the following day.

3) Do not Pokémon GO and Drive

This should be a no brainer. Using your phone in general should be a big no-no while operating a vehicle. You have to take your eyes off the road and switch your focus to catching a Pokémon. This is an extremely dangerous act that not only puts your life in danger but also others around you. If you want to hit up a PokéStop on your map, simply pull into a parking lot nearby.

4) Always be Mindful of your Surroundings

There have been stories in the past week that involve people walking into traffic, being mugged, and wandering onto private property while chasing Pokémon. Make sure you are constantly looking around and are fully aware of where you are trying to catch Pokémon. Also, please be respectful of crossing onto private property. Doing so could cause unwanted events to occur.



Be safe out their, everyone! Just remember: That Pikachu is not worth risking your life.