One of the biggest draws to the Pokémon GO app is the ability to feel like you are the one actually catching the Pokémon. When you play the handheld games, you control a trainer and tell him or her which Pokémon to catch. Never has there been a Pokémon game that has allowed us to feel the kind of connection that we feel when we play Pokémon GO.



In order to catch Pokémon in the app, you will need to have Pokéballs in your bag. The easiest way to get Pokéballs is to purchase them with REAL money or by leveling your trainer up. BUT, we have found a sustainable way that has allowed us to have virtually unlimited Pokéballs in your bag (Items)! Below is the step-by-step guide on how to get unlimited Pokéballs.

  1. Hop in the car with a few other Pokemon Trainers (Friends)
  2. Make sure one of the passengers performs the method with the driver’s phone as well so that he or she can pay attention to the road at all times
  3. Drive to the downtown area of your local city
  4. Stay on the main roads in the city, no back streets
  5. Look at your Pokémon GO app and identify an area with a dense population of PokéStops
  6. Drive by and activate each of them one by one for about an hour and you will see your Pokéball inventory gradually increase
  7. Continue this method until your bag is full


The reason why this works is because the PokéStops will turn from Blue to Purple (Recently Activated) then back to Blue all roughly 10-15 minutes. As long as you map out enough stops in between one another, you can theoretically have unlimited Pokéballs!

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