What do you do with your old games and gaming consoles that you haven’t touched in years? Give them away? Trade in at GameStop for a fraction of what you paid for? Sell them at a garage sale?


Do you want to learn how to sell video games online? Well you’re in the right place!


We have been selling video games online for years now and have also figured out what the best selling video games are. The best place to sell your used video games is eBay. Ebay is an online marketplace where people buy and sell everything from video games to automobiles all over the world. The demand for video games is ridiculous on eBay and you should definitely take advantage of it.


Before you start listing items on eBay, you’re going to have to do a little bit of work if you want to be successful. First, start by identifying what types of games you are trying to sell (PS3 games, Xbox 360 games, Wii games, Nintendo games etc.). This all factors into how much potential money you can make. Then start searching the video games you have on the site. Once you type in the name and press search, take a look at the filters and filter it so that only “Sold Listings” are being shown. This will help you price your games competitively and give yourself an idea of how much you will make.


After pricing out all of your video games, you are now ready to sell video games online! The fastest and easiest way to begin listing is through the Mobile eBay app (If you have a smartphone). It let’s you take pictures of your video games and upload them directly into your listing. When it comes to giving your listing a Title and description, just play off of what other people are using on their listings for similar products. If possible, offer Free Shipping. People often filter listings to only see “Free Shipping” items, especially in the video game sector.


One last note: Be sure you test out the video games before shipping them out and also make sure you accurately describe the condition of the video games you are trying to sell. The worst thing you can do is to send out a broken product to a customer. Just be honest.


Here is a short list of video games and series that are still worth a decent amount of money: Pokémon, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005), and Kirby.


You are now ready to sell video games!


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– ThatCollegeGamer