Here is the recap of the TacomaWorld Clan’s 82nd war victory! We won the war 40-24 with a total destruction of 90.07% compared to their 60.93%. We used a number of attack strategies, but the three in the video below are GoHo, a modified GoWiPe, and GoWiWi. We also 3 starred all of their bases from #9-#15. This is one of the best ways to win wars. Get the easy stars. Some of these lower attacks used the DragLoon strategy and GoWiPe. Our lower level clan members do really well with the DragLoon on TH8s and lower. The GoHo and GoWiPe attack are TH9 3 star attacks, and the GoWiWi is a 50% 2 star attack. Our TH10 is a new TH10, so having him get 2 star was huge. Don’t forget to follow us and comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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