Here is the recap of the TacomaWorld Clan’s 84th war victory! We won the war 37-34 with a total destruction of 86.00% compared to their 80.53%. This was a close war that came down to the end, but we saved some attacks incase the enemy clan ever tied us. We used a number of attack strategies, but the three in the video below are GoHo, GoWiWi, and GoWiPe. We also 3 starred 8 of their 15 bases, and 2 starred the other 7. One major key to winning wars is taking the easy stars and not wasting attacks. When we first started as a clan, we had a lot of guys trying to attack bases they had no chance 3 starring. Now we work as a team and win more wars as a result. This was our fifth win in a row!  Don’t forget to follow us and comment below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!


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