If you’re like many college or high school gamers, you’re on a strict budget when it comes to buying new games. Most of us cannot afford to go out and buy the new Madden, Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed game the day it comes out. This got me thinking; if I were in the market for a used game for a cheap price (under $10), what game would I buy? Lucky for you, I have compiled a list of 10 games under $10! These are in no particular order it is simply a list of games I like that happen to be priced fairly reasonably.


When making this list I thought about three key factors: Story Mode, Free Roam, and Playability with Friends (Locally). The story mode games are for those rainy days when you’re bored out of your mind in your dorm room or parent’s house and just feel like secluding yourself from the world; there is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of gaming. The free roam games important for times when you have an hour break between classes or have an hour until you have to leave for football practice. They are easy to pick up and mess around to by time. And finally, the party games are for when you have friends over and want to have a friendly competition! Nevertheless, here they are! (**Prices subject to change, pulled from www.GameStop.com at the time the article was written**)


1) NCAA Football 2012 (Story/Party – $9.99)

If you’re like me, you have a lot of passion for your respective University. And if your University happens to be really good at football then your passion is on another level. NCAA Football 2012 is the perfect game to harness your passion for College Football! Manage your favorite school to multiple National Championships or head over to Road to Glory and sign with your favorite school and grind for that #1 Spot! The best part about this game is the endless playability with your friends. Play with schools from all over the country and test your abilities against the top teams in the nation! Have you ever tried to beat an A+ school with a D- school? Talk about a challenge!


2) Forza Motorsport 2 (Story – $2.99)

Forza is one of those racing series that you can play for days on end and still not complete everything the game has to offer. With hundreds of cars to choose from to race on countless tracks, this game really does have an endless playback value. Create unique designs or master the art of tuning your car above 1,000HP! Race against your friends to see who is the best driver! Just don’t be that guy who turns around on the track and tries to mess everyone up..no fun. For $2.99, this game is the best bang for your buck on the list.


3) Test Drive: Unlimited (Free Roam – $9.99)

Test Drive is a racing game that many people really haven’t heard of. Although I am a HUGE fan of Forza Horizon, they completely stole that idea from Test Drive. TD really set the standard for open-world/free-roam racing games. It literally takes an hour to drive around the perimeter of the map of Hawaii in the game. A few other unique aspect of this game is the ability to buy million-dollar mansions, visit car dealerships, and go on test-drives with a dealer employee in the car. I must say that buying houses is one of my favorite parts of the game. Visiting your garage and sitting in each of your cars, revving the engines is a feature that is still unmatched by racing games today. If you are looking for a free roam racer, BUY THIS GAME!


4) The Bigs (Story/Party – $9.99)

Remember MLB: Slugfest? Of course you do! Well The Bigs has the basically general look and feel in the sense that it is completely unrealistic yet fun as hell to play. Nothing like crushing a 600-foot homerun then getting beamed in the head by a 120mph fastball! The Bigs is extremely easy to pick up and play a short game with your friends. A little warning before buying this game and playing it against your friends: The games get extremely intense, so please, don’t ruin friendships over this game.


5) Rockband (Party – $0.99)

I thought for a while about putting this on the list because there is a huge catch when buying these games; you have to buy all of the instruments in order to play the game. Although you can probably find someone selling all of them for like $50 nowadays, the point of this list is to stay under $10. If you’re in college, I GUARANTEE YOU that one of your friends or someone in your dorm has a set of instruments that are simply collecting dust at home would gladly give to you for free. Ask around, maybe you’ll find a drummer in the process! This game has done wonders for me in college. There is nothing like getting the boys (or girls) together for a jam session while procrastinating for a test. You can buy multiple editions of this game to unlock even more songs to play. This is a must have game.


6) Halo 3 (Story/Party – $4.99)

Because Halo. Honestly, I really don’t have too much to say about this one. If you have an Xbox 360 and don’t have this game already, why did you buy a 360? In all seriousness though, this is arguably the best campaign in the series and an absolute blast to play with friends! Grab 4 friends, find all the Skulls and beat it on Legendary. This will keep you entertained for hours, I promise you.


7) Assassin’s Creed 3 (Story – $4.99)

Assassin’s Creed games have always been the games you play when you want to be alone and feel a sense of achievement after completing the game. AC3 is no different. The story is fantastic with very memorable scenes and missions throughout the entire game. This was one of my favorite games in the series, mostly because I have always been fascinated with the Revolutionary War time period. There is nothing like playing a video game where you can fight along side George Washington. America.


8) FIFA 2010 (Party – $4.99)

This game ruins friendships and breaks controllers. There, I said it. FIFA is the most competitive and frustrating games you can play against your friends. Everyone has that FIFA Master in their group who wins 6-0 every game while the rest of us can barely pass to the right person. Find someone who is at equal skill level as you or else you’ll be going through controllers and friends faster than you can think. FIFA just gives you an indescribable feeling of enjoyment when you score a goal. Buy it. Score a goal. Beat your friends. Live happy.


9) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Story – $4.99)

Modern Warfare 3 is a game you pick up on a Friday afternoon after class and no-life it all weekend to beat the campaign. Since the multiplayer servers are lacking now, campaign is the only reason to buy this game. If you’re looking for a solid story, great gameplay, and a reason to be lazy for a weekend, this game is for you. The MW3 story makes a satisfying time.


10) Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 2010 (Story/Party – $6.99)

And last but not least, Tiger Woods: PGA Tour 2010. We do not condone any of his actions off the course; we just really enjoy his games. One of the things I really love about this game is creating a character and working your way through the PGA Tour and ultimately beating Tiger Woods at his on game, literally. Work your way up to win the FedEx Cup and earn the #1 Ranking in the world. When your friends come over, knock out 18 holes in a friendly competition. This game can cause one to feel great levels of pressure from his or her friends if they are 6 feet away from the hole to win the match, beware. Remember, in the end this is just a video game.


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