Watch Dogs 2 was recently announced and has made me a very happy fan. Having played the first game for hours on end, I was anxious for the successor. Many people did not really like the first game and said it was broken as a whole but I can’t say I agree with them in any way. Yes, the first one had issues but it was stepping into a genre and used gameplay mechanisms that had never really been seen before. In Watch Dogs 2, you will play as a guy named Marcus who lives in the tech-savvy city of San Francisco. He is a member of the hacking group called ‘Deds3c’. Their goal is to stop a corrupt politician from manipulating social media to sway the votes in his favor.


Players can hack the phones of surrounding people to distract them, hack cars and control its steering and acceleration from a far as well as simultaneously switch between single player and multiplayer mode. In the video, we meet another hacker named Wrench. He is a mysterious character that has a disguised voice and where some sort of mask to shield his identity. He helps you carry out your mission in the demo video. Some of the key things that are shown in the video are: drone usage to scout an area, hacking cameras to see inside of buildings, exotic cars seen everywhere, and the ability to hack the communication network of the guards in a building. Players can also determine their own paths when deciding on how to complete a mission. See for yourself in the video below!